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Characteristics of law rules

Characteristics of law rules

The law is a body of Rules which Govern and regulate the social conduct of people and which are enforced by any sanction. Legal rules or social and forced by sanctions

1. Rules of Law are social

Law control and Order relations between people living in a society it is considered only with the external conduct or behaviour of men and has nothing to do with internal thoughts or believes it is only when he comes to act upon such beliefs that law can interfere

2. Rules of Law are general

Law is generally applicable. It is applied to all cases and to persons.thus the criminal rule of law which provide penalty in case of Murder Is applicable whenever any man killed another premeditatedly
A rule of law is general so it is applicable to one person only. For example, the president republic of Egypt must be 40 years at least . What is a general rule although it concerns only one person,
This rule does not concern any President by name it is applicable to all person's who would be candidates for the post of the president

3. law rules are enforced a sanction

People are invited to obey law voluntarily if not they are comepelled to do so by means of sanction applied by the state the sovereign political authority
a sanction is a devise to induce obedience of a rule of law. It may be criminal if the disobedience consist in a crying for example

death, imprisonment, fine.
A sanction may be civil the invalidity of a contract the restitution had been delivered the payment of Damages
The definition of low Rises many fine and difficult problems concerning the distinction between law and morality and the law and religion
At its simplest no may be defined as the body of Rules which are imposed upon and enforce it among the members of a given Society it is important to distinguish between law and morality and between law and religion
Law is not made and enforce it for its own sake but it has a definite task namely the satis vacation of human interests
The domain of law varies according to the degree of development attained by a given Society.
It is important to distinguish between law making and law enforcement law is important because it is already law but a certain rule is not regarded as a legal rule merely because it is followed and observed

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