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Interpretation of the law

Interpretation of  the law
The problem of interpreting the legal rules arises whether the source of the rule is legislation custom or religion however is a majority of cases it Rises concerning the status of the legislative rules because the legislative rule takes everything form and interpretation tries to resize the meaning of the text 
In general it is a quart which interrupts is a low but gorgeous don't monopolize the interpretation of law the legislative main act and interpretation concerning a statue which has been wrongly interrupted lawyers also participate in interpreting legal rules

Legislative interpretation

The Olivia Slater for surety me and act Estate you and afterwards it finds that the law courts interpreted it differently or integrated it in a way that does not fulfill its object hence the legislative authority in Acts integrative state you explaining the meaning of the proceedings statute and it's object the Egyptian constitution according to the supreme constitutional Court the right to interpret the legislative texts

Judicial interpretation

The judicial authorities functions as we have seen is to apply the law to the conflicts present to it
When there is a law case the judge has to decide upon it. There's odds in order to solve the problem presented to him he must first a certain that factors of the law case 
And you must luckiest finds a legal rule applicable to this facts
The judge has to discern the conditions necessary for the application of legal rule to know
If it can be applied to the law case. before him. In order to apply the law is a judge finds himself obliged to interpret it

In most cases the role of the judge in interprting a legal rule is limited to interpret it 
In the ways that convinced with the words of the text containing the rule and it's goal 
But in some cases the judge forced to decide on the law case in a way which doesn't confirm exactly with the text under the pretext interpreting it.

Doctrinal interpretation

The doctrinal interpretation is that which one by legal scholars is the systematic way different parts of the law. These Researchers are published in the form of books article and commentaries on judicial decisions. 
courts are not obliged to take into consideration this kind of interpretation.
The lodge is not obliged to apply the doctrinal opinion of all of them.

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